Vendor Evaluation Toolkit

Don’t get surprised by the costs, challenges and culture shock when evaluating a new system.

With Cordea’s Vendor Evaluation Toolkit we can help accelerate your evaluation/selection process. Our process answers questions such as:

  • What does the new system really cost (Total Cost)?
  • Did I capture and budget for “all” capital and operating costs?
  • Have I considered ALL the internal costs, not just the vendor costs?
  • What is vendor SPIN and what should I really expect?
  • Will the vendor be a cultural fit with my organization.

Our selection deliverables include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Peer “Good, Bad and Ugly” Meeting/Call
  • Vendor SME “Good, Bad and Ugly” Meeting/Call
  • Selection Toolkit Key Decisions List Executive Presentations
    • TCO Analysis (All Operating and Capital Costs)
    • Selection Dashboard
    • Implementation and Ongoing Support Resources Estimates
    • Application Keep or Replace List
    • Corporate Goals/Objectives Alignment
    • Selection Criteria and Weights
  • Site Visit/Demo Participation
  • Pre-Implementation Planning
  • Contract Review and/or Negotiations
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