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  • Strategic Planning
  • Interim Leadership
  • Application Management
  • Revenue Cycle Assessments
  • Project Management
  • Design, Build, Testing and Training
  • Go-Live Facilitation
  • End User Training
  • Upgrade Services
  • Report Writing

Cordea Consulting specializes in advising organizations to the best HIS decisions, ensuring value in their HIS investments.

The following consultants are available to assist you with your projects, that begin in the next 30 days.

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Consultant: Area of Expertise:
CERNER Experience  
Mike Cerner Infrastructure Architect, Technical PM, Integration Architect, PMP, Implementation, Build, Design, Information Tech
Jake Cerner Revenue Cycle, Patient Accounting, Implement, Clinical, Ambulatory, Workflow, Build, Bedrock, Core Build
CJ Cerner Solutions Architect, Ambulatory, PowerChart, DynDoc, PowerNote, FirstNet, CPOE, CCL
Dean PACS Imagingin, Radiology, Cardiology, Cerner, VNA
June Cerner Clinical and Applications Build Analyst, Community Works, Ambulatory, PowerChart, CPOE, PowerPlans, PowerNotes, DynDoc, SurgiNet Build Analyst
Jill Cerner PharmNet Analyst, PharmNet Implementation & Project Manager Support, Build, Test, Optimization
Anya Cerner Ambulatory Build Analyst, Community Works, Workflows, Ambulatory Design and Build, Mpages, Orders, PowerForms, Implementation, Inpatient and Outpatient
Charles Cerner RadNet Build Analyst, PACS, CPOE, Core, PowerOrders, Powerscribe, Implementation, ERP, Analyst, Design
Sean Cerner Architect, Cerner Core, Cerner Clinical Solutions Analyst, FirstNet, PowerChart, Ambulatory, Security, Build, Design
Jack Cerner FirstNet Build Analyst, Cerner Solutions Architect, Cerner Integration, PowerChar, CareNet and Ambulatory, CPOE, Dynamic documentation, Reporting 
Terry Cerner SurgiNet/ Anesthesia Architect, Integration, Build, Pref Cards
Kim Cerner PathNet Build Analyst, GenLab, design and building, Lead, BloodBank, AP, Micro, planning  
Mik Cerner I/A, Core (Org’s & Locations, Privileges & Preferences, ESH, Position Build) Security
Kendal  Cerner Clinical Applications Build Analyst, Registered Nurse, Ambulatory and Acute Care, Long-Term Care, Behavioral Health
Rick Cerner Scheduling Implementation Analyst, Registration, Radiology, Cardiology, Build, Test.
John CCL Report Developer, PowerInsight, PowerForms, PowerVision, DA2, ERP, Scheduling Mgmt., Build, Program, Design, Implement
Max CCL Report Developer, PowerVision, PowerInsight, Interface, Clinical, Financial, Pharmnet, Surginet, Firstnet, Scheduling, Patient Management, Nursing, Billing, Blood Bank
Bob CCL Report Developer, Clinical and Rev. Cycle Reporting, PowerInsight
Tim CCL Report Developer, Epic, Clarity, Financial, Clinical, DA2, Database, PowerNote, PowerChart, PowerForm, Revenue Cycle, MDI, Mpages, Data Warehousing
Ralph CCL Report Developer- Clinical, DA2, Database, PowerNote, PowerChart, PowerForm, Revenue Cycle, Pharmacy, MDI, Mpages
Rick CCL Report Developer- Clinical/Financial, DA2, Pharmacy, Billing Files, Adhoc, Data Extracts, Genviews, Powernotes, Powerform Retrievals, Smart Templates, Troubleshoot 
George  CCL Report Developer- Clinical, DA2, PathNet, Bloodbank, GenLab, MDI, Custom Report Build, Mpages
Carl Lawson Project Manager, ERP, HRIS, Implementations, Design, Development, HR, Payroll
Dee Cerner Implementation Project Manager, Clinical PM, Revenue Cycle PM, Women’s Health, Behavioral Health, Clinical Applications
Mitch Cerner Ambulatory Implementation Project Manager, Acute PM, Revenue Cycle
Allen Cerner Applications Project Manager, PMP cert.
Lee Interim CMIO, Cerner Clinical PM, PMP, PHD, Program Management, Quality Improvement, CDI, CDS, Architecture, Implementation, Behavioral Health 
Dan Cerner Implementation Project Manager, Clinical PM, Revenue Cycle PM, PMP, RN, Community Works, Ambulatory, FirstNet, Infrastructure build
Matt Sr. Cerner Project Director, Clinical Applications, Cerner Engagement Leader, Cerner Program Manager, Cerner PM
Brad Cerner Project Manager, Community Works, Enterprise, Implement, Build, Full Life Cycle Management, ICD-10
Rob Cerner Program Manager, Revenue Cycle Architect, Full Life Cycle Development, Design Revenue Cycle solutions, Financial Modeling, Team Builder
John Cerner Revenue Cycle Director, PM Architect, Behavioral Health, PMP, Implement, Patient Accounting, 
Mark Cerner Technical Project Manager, CCL, SQL, C++, Java, Cerner Millennium, Networking, Troubleshooting, Revenue Cycle, Tableau, Design, Life Cycle Development
Stan Cerner Interim CIO, Project Leadership, Implementation, Global Budgeting 
Evan Cerner and Healthcare CIO, Architecture, Pre & Post Implementation, Tech. Procurement, Engaement Leader
Vick Cerner, Epic, IT Planning and Strategy
Chris Cerner, Soarian, Meditech, Revenue Cycle
Jade Cerner Integration Architect, Migration, Interface, Pre & Post Implementation, Infrastructure, IT, Core
Jim Cerner Integration Architect, PMP, Implementation, Build, Design, SME
Gigi Cerner Clinical Solutions Integration Architect, Revenue Cycle, CPOE, Powerchart, Pre & Post Implementation 
Pat Cerner Technical Project Manager, Solutions Architect, Integration, Imprivata, Engineering, Optimization
Jay Cerner Technical Engineer, Ibus, Architect, Citrix, CCL, Bedrock, JavaScript, Clincial, Front and Backend
Aron Cerner Interim CIO and Tech. Project Manager, NextGen,McKesson, Enterprise IT planning and budgeting and operations, Integration, Implementation
Epic Experience:  
Jane Epic Certified, HIM Analyst, Build, Deficiency Tracking, Release of Information, Documentation and MyChart Certifications and Build
Dave Epic Certified, Orders Analyst, Inpatient, Build, Clinical
Emily Epic Certified, Ambulatory, EpicCare, Outpatient, Build, Inpatient
Kisha Epic Certified, Cadence  with exp. building in Ambulatory, Build, Analyst
Amy Epic Certified Tapestry, Patient Care, Build
Alex Epic Certified, Willow Analyst, ASAP Analyst, Builder 
Tom Epic Certified, MyChart Analyst
Lori Epic Certified, ADT/Prelude (GrandCentral) Analyst, Builder, Epic Cadence Cert./Builder
Mona Epic Certified, Anesthesia and Optime Build Analyst
Jake Epic Certified, Cupid and Radiant, Interface, Architect
Jan Epic Certified HB analyst, Revenue Cycle, Inpatient, Outpatient, Build, Analyst
Diane Epic Certified, Beacon  Design, Development, Build, Oncology, OCM
Kesha Epic Certified Professional Billing Analyst, Build, Design
Mike Epic Certified in Bridges, Cloverleaf, Interface, Developer, Builder
Sherie Epic Clarity, Inpatient, Clarity Data Model Optime, Clarity Data Model ASAP, Clarity Data Model Ambulatory, GrandCentral, Cadence, Willow, Beaker
Alec Epic Clarity certified, Clinical, Inpatient, outpatient, Revenue cycle
Tim Epic Certified Bridges & Cloverleaf, Interface and Integration
Chris Epic Certified Clarity Report Writer, Data Warehouse, WorkBench, Radar
Mike Epic Healthy Planet Project Manager, Meaningful use, Clarity, Ancillary Applications, Build, develop, Budget
Jill Epic Project Manager, PMP, Revenue Cycle
CT Epic Project Manager, Epic Certs. (ASAP, ClinDoc, Orders, Stork), Troublshooting, Upgrade, Optimization
Rob Epic Project/Program Manager/Director, PMP,  Ambulatory, Community Connect, Revenue Cycle, Leadership, Implementation, Full-Life Cycle
Daniella Epic Project/Program Manager/Director, Ambulatory, Rev. Cycle, Epic Certs.(ClinDoc, Orders, Decision Support), Registered Nurse
Mark Epic Project manager, Epic Applications Implementation, Hardware, Software, PMP Global Budgeting 
Pat Epic IT Director, Change management, Disaster Recovery, Security, Budgeting, Global operations, Infrastructure, Integration, Implementation
Randy Epic IT Architect, Engineer, Cloud Architect, Epic Client Systems Manager, Microsoft Office, Sharepoint, Ambulatory, Migration, Integration
PACS Experience:  
Jake PACS Imaging Program Manager, Migrate, Implement, Upgrade, DICOM, HL7, VNA, McKesson, Epic, Cerner
Lori PACS Imaging Project Manager, VNA, Radiology, Oncology, Scheduler, Powerscribe, Integrate, Migrate, MIRADA, Epic, McKesson, HBOC,
Dan PACS Enterprise Imaging Project Manager,  Radiology PACS, RIS, Cardiology PACS, CVIS, VR, & VNA, Imaging, Infrastructure, Integrations
Kisha PACS Radiology/Cardiology Program Manager, VNA, VPN, CITRIX, VDI, Infrastructure, Migration, Cerner, Epic, Phillips
Alex PACS Enterprise Imaging Solutions Analyst, Radiology, Cardio., Agfa, Carestream PACS, RIS/Dashboards, PACSCUBE/Codonics PowerScribe 360
Tom Lead SME Analyst for Cardiology & Radiology PACS Imaging, Enterprise Imaging Analyst, Infrastructure, Epic, AllScripts
Jane PACS Systems Admin.VNA, Carestream PACS, McKesson HMI PACS, Powerscribe 360, GE Centricity, Philips, Epic, Cerner McKesson
Allscripts Experience:  
Jake AllScripts Sunrise Implementation Applications Analyst, Rev. Cycle, Registration, Scheduling, Radiology, Core, Clinical Documentation, Access Managers, Ambulatory
CJ Sunrise Clinical Manager, AllScripts TouchWorks, HL7, SQL, Interface, Testing, UAT, ADT, design, ICD-10, Implementation
Mik AllScripts Sunrise Financial & Oncology/Pharmacy Analyst, Clinical Doc., Ambulatory, Acute, Activation, Implementation,  Workflow build & optimization
Kendal  Sunrise Clinical Analyst/Programmer, Java, SQL, Analyzed/Designed/Built all components of SCM enterprise configuration, ADT/Registration interfaces, location configuration
Rick AllScripts Ambulatory/Acute Analyst, SCM Financials, PCM, ORM, Touchworks, Pharmacy, Order set, Clinical Doc., HTML, HL7, Java,
Anya AllScripts Testing Coordinator, SCM, Integrate, radiology items, PT/OT and SP, Activation, Upgrade, Optimization, Builder
Terry Project Manager for Sunrise Clinical apps, Sunrise Clinical Manager, Enterprise implementation, Scheduling, Sunrise Laboratory and Radiology interfaces
Sandy AllScripts ATE Support, GO-Live Support, Touchworks, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Physical Therapy, Outpatient, and Fast Track Er Clinics, Active Directories 
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