Go-Live Planning and Support

Our proven methodologies and deep industry experience allow us to provide planning, management and elbow to elbow staff, to assure your go-live success.

Our Go-Live planning and support projects deliver the following:

  • Product specialists — at the elbow and with boots on the ground
    • Quickly responding to address application and workflow questions
    • Efficiently triaging the issues and providing quick answers
    • Specific Application and version experience
    • Previous go-live Support Experience
    • Real life workflow and operations experience
    • Excellent communications skills
    • Top notch interpersonal relationship skills
    • Experienced in high pressure situations
  • Project Managers
    • Planning, managing and coordinating a smooth go-live event
    • Customized scheduling and staff requirements plan
    • Resource recruitment and communication planning/coordination
    • Management of elbow to elbow resources
    • Single point of accountability for go-live staffing

The results and value of a Cordea Go-Live:

  • Satisfied users of your new systems
    • Happy Physicians
    • Happy Clinicians
  • Motivated resources
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