Application Support

Cordea provides two years of legacy application support.

  •  Hospital IT staff was transitioned to implementation of the new system.
    • Large academic medical center hospital  -  East Coast


  • A 383 bed hospital was using in-house I.S. staff to implement Epic
  • Required Cerner Millennium 2007.x and 2010.x, support for two+ years
  • Required staff with multiple application experience to minimize costs
  • Need to maintain high level of end user (customer) satisfaction


  • Provide all Cerner support for all implemented solutions:
    • Including but not limited to SurgiNet, PharmNet, Iview, Mpages, Core, CareNet
  • Upgrades, Testing, Training
  • Issue resolution (SR queue)
  • Provide Project Management (PMP)
  • Continue and complete ongoing projects
  • Meet financial goals and requirements


  • Cordea successfully collaborated with hospital leadership, clinicians and project managers to maintain the system specified level of clinical quality and performance of Cerner Systems
    • 100 % Client Satisfaction
    • 90% SR resolution within 24 hours
    • On budget for consulting dollars
  • Provided progressive skillset and personnel replacement as ongoing support needs changed and developed.Provided meaningful use support, implementation, planning and stage and stage II reports
    • Including support duties
    • Including leadership roles
    • Responsible for 100% of the support process
  • Provided meaningful use (stage I and II) planning, implementation, reporting and support.