Available Consultants

The following consultants are available to assist you with your projects, that begin in the next 30 days.

Don't miss out on this exceptionally Bright and Experienced talent. 

Robert Project Manager CareNet, CPOE, Supply Chain
Sharon, PMP Project Manager SurgiNet, CPOE, Meaningful Use
Alyse Project Manager Revenue Cycle, Charge Capture
Claudia, RN Project Manager PowerChart, ICD10, Meaningful Use
Ben Solution Architect CareNet, PowerChart, IView, CPOE
Shelly, RN Solution Architect SurgiNet, Scheduling, PowerChart
Sam, PMP Solution Architect PathNet, CoPath CareNet, CCL
Christine, RN Solution Architect CareNet, Clinical Documentation, IView
Ann Solution Architect FirstNet, PowerPlans, Clinical Documentation
Kathy, RN Solution Architect CareNet, FirstNet, SurgiNet, PharmNet
Seth Solution Architect Scheduling, RadNet, SurgiNet
Alex Solution Architect FirstNet, PowerNote
Mary Solution Analyst CORE, Security, HL7
Veronica Solution Architect PathNet, CareNet, CORE
Tom Solution Architect CareNet, CPOE, MPages, PowerNote
Mark Solution Architect PharmNet, CPOE, CCL, MPages
Michele Solution Analyst RadNet, Scheduling, FirstNet
Susan, RN Solution Analyst PowerChart, PowerForm, CPOE
Mike Program Manager Interim CIO
Julie, RN, PMP Project Manager McKesson Paragon, CPOE, Orders
Kelly, RN Project Manager McKesson Paragon, Clinical Workflow
Keith Project Manager McKesson Practice Partner, Meaningful Use
Elisa, RN Project Manager / SME McKesson Horizon, Clinical Workflow
Brian Project Manager Interim CIO
David Project Manager 6.0, Magic, C/S, Revenue Cycle, Clinical Modules
Andrea Project Manager Meditech Interfaces, MPM, LSS, CPOE
Linda, RN Project Manager 6.0, Magic, C/S, PCS, ORM, EDM
Brenda Project Manager Revenue Cycle, ADM, Patient Billing
Karen, RN Project Manager 6.0, Magic, C/S, NUR, PCS, POM
Sonia Analyst Magic, C/S, POM, PCM, CPOE
Leslie, RN Trainer Magic, C/S, PCM, PCS, POM
Deborah Trainer Magic, C/S, CPOE, PWM, PCM


Email dawn.wilson@cordeaconsulting.com to inquire about one or more of these consultants.