Why Cordea

Consultants' with strong application, technical and operational experience will yield efficient and optimized implementations:

  • No rookies on this team!
    • Each Cordea consultant is highly specialized with a minimum of four (4) year experience in his or her area of expertise.
    • On average our consultants have twelve (12) years real life healthcare experience.
  • Many of our consultants have worked for a HIS vendor early in their career.
  • Our clinical consultants have real life patient care, clinical experience and licensure. Our consultants have the “been there, done that” t-shirt, allowing them to quickly develop the trust and respect of your clinical staff.
  • No bait and switch of consultants. Consultants who start the project finish the project.

Client advocate, operating in your best interest:

  • Each project is managed efficiently and effectively.
  • Cordea is vendor agnostic and our interest is always to provide each client with the best solutions to meet your functional, time, and financial requirements.
  • Cordea consultants provide objective recommendations to ensure you evaluate many options and choose the best approach for your own needs.
  • Provide an objective perspective to lead and facilitate conversations regarding very subtle pros and cons in workflow choices and software configuration options.

Proven track record in achieving results:

  • Many Cordea consultants are clinicians who changed direction in their careers because they see the benefit in using informatics to improve patient care.
  • These consultants bring depth and credibility to process, design, and adoption conversations.
  • Due to the variance between workflows, facilities and departments, Cordea consultants have been exposed to a variety of design and work flow options and have witnessed firsthand what works and what does not.

Strong Project Management Experience:

  • PMI methodologies are used throughout our projects.
  • We work with your vendor’s methodology, not against it.
  • Our healthcare and vendor knowledge allow us to proactively manage risk, with detailed risk evaluations and mitigation plans.
  • We keep your projects on track to deliver the expected results.

Executive Involvement:

  • Executives are actively involved with your project to ensure your success.
  • We communicate timely, clearly and with transparency.
  • “No Surprises” with Cordea led projects.
  • Issues, if they arise, are handled swiftly with 100% Client Satisfaction.
  •  Client satisfaction is our highest priority.
  • The Cordea Executive team has more than 70 years of consulting experience and has worked for hospitals, payers, vendors and consulting firms in their careers.
  • Each project is assigned its own Cordea Executive.
  • There is active participation with each project.
  • Your Cordea Executive will communicate with you directly, transparently, and timely during monthly dashboard meetings.